Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Amaryllis Update

I’ve taken a couple of photos of the Amaryllis bloom opening. These blooms don’t get as tall outside as they would if they were inside. They will grow a lot taller and towards the light when they are inside in the winter. Since the Amaryllis comes from South Africa they tend to bloom in Late December or January. I guess this one decided that December came early.

                   Amaryllis in my garden copy 

                                      Garden Amaryllis


  1. Gorgeous bloom, and in a small pot, I have heard they do not like being shifted, and maybe next year there will be even more. #1 worthy of print and frame, surely. Cheers,Jean.

  2. Hi Jean, these are bulbs, There is no problem shifting them, they do not mind, as long as they get good sun and water, there is no problem.

  3. They really are very impressive.

  4. Wow what a surprise that must be. I had never heard of one blooming this time of the year. You do have that special touch with your flowers. The season will be ending in month or so now and we will be gearing for fall. Oh I know I need to get a blog out soon to cover all the summer activities. Have been so busy. Hugs Carrie

  5. I just looked out into my yard and saw another little Amaryllis bloom showing it the crowd.

  6. Beautiful amaryllis! My mother in law use to have them every year in christmas :))

    Great header!!


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