Saturday, October 22, 2011

Old Photos from my Archives

I keep looking in my Negative and slide files to see if there is anything worth restoring and turning in to Art. I did find a few things that looked interesting so I started to work on them. The images really started to look like something I could use, these images are of a riding stable that we found when we were up at the ram river around 1989-1990. The rugged country side is really awesome if you like riding horses or hiking. The friends I was with loved riding but I was more interested in taking photographs. My friends were out all day riding in the rugged foothills. I wished I could of gone with them and gotten some photos on the ride, but the camera I had with me was my Mamiya RB 67, far to big to take with me around my neck riding (I still have this studio camera), so I stayed near the car just venturing closer to the corral and areas where I could walk without a problem. Here are a few photos of that day.


    Meeting at the Gate Painting copy

    Coral life painting copy

            Ram river gorge painting copy

   My Choice painting copy

   Well, that’s it for today, I hope you like what I have shown you.

   Let me know what your thoughts are.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Repotting my baby Amaryllis

About a month ago someone asked how my Amaryllis babies were doing. I just repotted 10 plants from 2 pots. It was difficult to get them out of the pot as they were pressed so tight in them. These were not quite as big as the ones I did a few months ago, before I had my hip surgery. Two of the bulbs were bigger so I had to put them in a bigger pot. I took a few photos for you to see. I also took some cuttings of my Pink Geranium, 6 cuttings. It was time to get the cuttings as the temp outside is getting very cold, 2 nights ago we had a killer frost.  I got photos of them as well. Does anyone around Edmonton want an Amaryllis or 2?


      free of small pot

                 repotted amaryllis

                               Here are the Geranium cuttings.

             My Geranium cutings

                     It will take about a month or so for the roots to grow.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

More old Images from Negative

Here is an image from my archives, this image was in fairly bad shape as it was  not stored properly. Without thinking, it was stored in my garage before it was stored in my basement. Since the negatives are made from dyes and gelatin, they can get moldy and have things grow on them. Well I scanned the negs and cleaned up the images as much as I could.  Then I color corrected them, cropped them and took out all the things that were growing on them, I love photoshop. Then I applied some of my magic to make the images look real nice and dreamy. This image is of a young lady the used to work for my brother and me, around 1979. I hope she still looks this good now, well one never knows. I think she became a model.  She was a very nice lady. We lost touch with her, but that’s life. Anyway, here is the portrait that I repaired and made it look like a painting, well at least I hope I did.


         Michele in doorway painting copy

                                   Let me know if I have succeeded.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

OLD Photos

I went through some old photos that I have not seen in many years. This was from a trip to the foothills  on the trunk road near Rocky Mountain House. The actual place is close to the Ram River Falls. This is a rugged and beautiful place to visit in the summer. I would not want to be anywhere near this place in the winter. I have quit a few photos of this place but only have one to show you today. I have put a painterly affect on this photo. This photo is scanned from a negative, so the color was not that great in natural form. So here is the photo, I hope you like it.


      Ram river painting copy

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Thanksgiving weekend

My Thanksgiving weekend was actually a boring one. I was babysitting a Jack Russell female, yes a dog.  My nephew and his wife and son went to Calgary to have Thanksgiving with Lori’s family. They had no one to take care of the dog but they could not take the dog with them, so I volunteered to do the boring task of babysitting.  I could not go anyware because the dog has terrible separation anxiety. She is partially deaf from birth and is a little spoiled, but she is a sweet little dog, that loves to cuddle  and sleep with you in bed. I had to throw this dog out of my bed twice at night. I don’t like dogs sleeping in my bed. ;-)  no time to wonder around and take photos in the countryside. I was able to take a few photos of this old farm windmill ( I have photographed it before but not in autumn). So here is the windmill that I have put a painterly affect on. I hope you like it.

           Old farm windmill painting copy

                                 I took a few different formats, so here it is vertical as well .

                             farm windmill of the 20s copy                        

                                       These were photographed through the kitchen window.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The month of Thanksgiving and Halloween

well I don’t have too much to say other than Happy Thanksgiving. I was playing around with photoshop CS3.  I really didn’t know what to post as not to much has changed in my life so far and I am a little bored so I put a few things together in photoshop , so here it is the photo I was working on.


     Twin apartments on Jasper ave with star treck copy Some of you have seen the main photo already but I couldn’t resist playing with it.

I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I have.