Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amaryllis Update

Here is an update of my White Amaryllis, on how it is blooming. The first pod has fully opened and it’s beautifully displaying the gorgeous flowers of the Amaryllis. I have played with a few images that I photographed so as to give you a great idea of what they can look like. I will be taking more images as all the pods open and display these wonderful flower. Each flower is about 6 inches across. Well enough chatting, here are my photos.

                   Amaryllis begining2 copy


       Amaryllis  painting copy

                     Amaryllis blooming

                        I hope you enjoy these images. Have a great day.     

Friday, February 24, 2012


My Amaryllis is sending out a ton of flower pods what you can see is 5 pods. Most of the time each pod will have 5 flowers, but some of the bulbs are young so they may not have as many. I will keep you posted with photos as they get taller and open up. I have a small jungle of flowers in my home so I have taken a photo to show you a little of it.


       Amaryllis feb 2012      

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Poinsettias

I love to see if I can keep exotic plants alive, where as most people let them die off because they don’t know how to treat them. Poinsettia’s are one of the hardest to keep the red or even the leaves on the plant. Here are a few photos of my Poinsettia’s.

               Proud Poinsetta copy

       poinsetta 3 8x10

        poinsetta 4

The bottom 2 plants are the same plant that I have had for 8 years the top plant is a cutting from the mother plant I cut them both back every year so they are more manageable. I will have to cut them back in spring. They are like Bonsai trees already.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Harvest at Ukrainian Village Museum

These are old photos from a few years ago, I don’t think you have seen these yet.

    Bringing in the sheives painting copy

                  Harvest copy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Few More Photos from Elk Island National Park

I thought I would post a few more photos from Elk Island National Park. I have been to this park many times, I have taken home many photos from there, and I’m sure that I will go back many more times. Here are some more photos.


   Male Bison painting copy

My friend Russ and I found the fellow walking on the side of the road, looked like he was rolling in the mud, I took a photo of him through the drivers side wind past my friend Russ, who was driving. I made a few grunting sounds and he stopped, he looked straight at us and started to move towards us, I said oh oh, and asked Russ to step on the gas to get out of there. These fellows can move real fast if they want to, so Russ complied and we move very quickly away from him. I looked behind to see if he was in the ditch of where the vehicle was. Well he was in the middle of the road where we were, and looking at us. Wow, that was close.

   Bison Painting copy

   Dry Beaver pond painting2 copy

  This was a Beaver Pond that Was drained be the Park wardens so there would be more grass for the Bison. 


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nothing Special today

I though I would show you a few photos of a Beaver pond from Elk Island National Park, This park was created around the turn of the Century (1900), it was created to conserve the last Plains Bison of North America. The Bison were purchased from the state of Montana, USA. At the time they were not wanted in the States. Now the Park sells them to Nature areas all over the USA and Canada. The Park is cut in half by Highway 16 (goes east west). In the South end of the Park there are Wood Bison, that were kept apart so not to interbreed. The park is covered with many lakes and ponds so is a great habitat for these creatures. These are also great places for water fowl and many other birds of all kinds. This very big park is only 45 kilometers east of Edmonton. Here are some photos for you to see.

  Beaverlodge on Frozen Pond copy

 Frozen Pond panorama copy

   Plains Bison4