Sunday, February 24, 2013

My White Amaryllis

Hello everyone, I have at long last taken a few photos of my White Amaryllis. I have tried for a while to take the photos, but I have friends and relatives that have wanted some of my time, ah lets face it, I procrastinated, I finally got the photos done before to many of the blooms withered away. Two stalks of the blooms I could not use because of withering. I had to put the flowers in a large vase that I have and guess what, the vase is white.  The photos still look quite good so I will show you right now. It took me the whole day to set up for a few photos. I am feeling my hip right now, I need to eat and take some meds. Take care and I hope you like the Photos.

        My White Amaryllis

        My Amaryllis H copy

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My visit to Greenland Garden Center

Hello every one, I went to Greenland Garden Center here in Edmonton Alberta Canada. On the 3rd of February the garden center had a grand opening of their Garden Display for the winter of 2013. I got to the center and what did I see but the center cat in the middle of the driveway. It was in my way to get to the parking spot. This little guy would not move, she new that she owned the place, so she made me go around her. So I did get around the cat and parked. As I got out got my camera and was getting near the door, the cat decided it wanted to go back into the greenhouse, as soon as the cat got to the door someone opened it, I thought how good can life get for this cat. Well as soon as I got to the door the cat was no where to be seen. So I went in and headed to the Coffee bar and had Apple strudel and a nice large coffee, sat down and enjoyed it very much. I looked around and took my coat off got myself comfortable and enjoyed the display.

 Greenland_Panorama1 copy

I took a few photos so I could show you this panorama so I can give you an idea of what I was looking at. It was beautiful to just sit there and relax have a coffee and some apple strudel and enjoy the green and the fish. Some of the fish where about the size just right for the frying pan. Oh well, just dreaming. So when I finished my coffee I started taking some photos.

 Stream painting copy  Waterfall

           Tropicals copy

           Rock and Waterfall copy

  Miniature_Panorama2 copy

Well this was my visit to the Garden Center today. I was there for a couple of hours or so, the light was getting a little darker outside so I decided to go before it got to dark. I hope you enjoyed my visit as much as I did. I’m going back in about a month to see how it has changed (got greener) and take a few more photos.