Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My visit to Hawrelack Park

Went out to the park today to take in the beautiful weather we have been having. Last Sunday we hit a record for this time of year 32.5 Celsius.  It wasn’t that nice today but was very pleasant in the sun. I almost got a sunburn. I took a few photos so everyone could see how beautiful it was. I met an older couple that was also enjoying the beautiful weather, they were having lunch in the park, I had a wonderful chat with them, for about an hour, nice couple. I fed the geese but the Gulls were steeling the bread most of the time, there were so many juvenile Gulls and they were very aggressive. As well there were a lot of Crows gathered in the park, I assume that they are collecting to go on their trip south, I could be wrong. The colors of Autumn are showing everywhere now. Just beautiful. Here are some photos for you to  enjoy.


            Changing colors at Hawrelack Park

           Geese at my feetGeese at my feet after feeding them a loaf of bread. They even took the bread from my hands. I enjoyed feeding them very much.

     Geese in the shade They were in the shade before I started feeding them, they saw my bag and came a runnin.

     View of Downtown Edmonton from Hawrelack ParkA view of Downtown Edmonton from the park. The city crews were maintaining the park and getting the park ready for winter. 

     Crow acting funnyWierd Crow acting funny This crow was chortling a low song kind of weird like , not sure what it was all about, seemed weird to me. He would just stand there,  there were a few more crows a few feet away watching.    

French Country LoafLast night I backed a French Country loaf of bread, first time with this recipe. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. Will let you know how it is. Next time I think I will set the timer on the darkest setting, sure smells good. Today was a great day. I hope everyone had a great day as well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today was a great day

Well I went out into the garden today just to get out of the house. I was outside for at least 4 hours. I did a little weeding only my planters as I can’t bend more that 90 degrees, and I did some watering. I cleaned and filled all the bird feeders and pulled out the birdbath, cleaned it and filled it with water. Tomorrow morning I will have a look to see if the birds will use it to bathe and drink from it. One of my neighbors even came over to see how I was doing. We talked for at least half an hour. The plant the really makes me proud as all the others are slowly dying or getting ready for the winter, but my Geranium is blooming like crazy, I took a photo so I can show it to you. These 2 Geranium plants are from cuttings I took of last years plants, I think I will take about 4 or 5 cuttings this year and nurse them through the winter.  This is a photo straight out of the camera. So here it is, I hope you like it.


           My Geranium sept 22 11

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not a great day to day

My last heavy duty pain med was on Sunday night. I have not been feeling so well since Monday morning, but today , so far has been the worst. I’m not sure if I am having  withdrawal from the pain meds or what. I have had to go to the bathroom 5 times today, and now I have no want for food. Almost like the Admiral from Admiral Hestorb’s blog. Sorry to here that our well loved little kitty is feeling so poorly. I have also been feeling depressed, which is not good for me right now. Lets hope that I am feeling much better tomorrow. I am also feeling all kinds of different  pains that I have not felt before. I am still on some pain meds but they are not that powerful. I am still on blood thinners untill the 26th of this month. Well I guess I should go now, I needed to talk to someone and I guess you all are as good as any to talk with. Bye for now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello Blogger Friends

I am finally back home from surgery on my left hip. I got back home last Friday around 2:30 pm The time I spent in hospital seemed to go very fast. Basically I got up in the morning around seven a.m. washed up at the side of the bed. Around 8 a.m. we had to do our physio, about 30 minutes . Then it was time to rest about 30 minutes and then get ready for breakfast. After breakfast it was time to rest up for lunch, around 11:30 a.m. we went for lunch had a good visit with our other hip & knee patients.

After lunch we had a quick rest and it was time to have afternoon physio,  30 minutes later it was time for a nice long rest. Then it was time for supper, more time to visit with the friends we have made in hospital.  Around seven p.m. it was time to wash up for the evening and having a good night sleep. Everyday I noticed  that I was getting stronger, it is funny how quickly we weaken from the injuries, when we go in for surgery. I was glad that I did some weight lifting 2 months before surgery until I went in . Other wise I would have had way more problems, moving around in bed and from stretcher to bed.  In physio they tested me to see if I was able to do stairs, well with all the workout I did at home, I was able to do stairs with flying colors. Well I am so glad that I am home and getting stronger all the time. I thought that I would have more pain from my hip but thank God,  the only pain so far is from the large cut that was made to get at my hip bones. I am still on some heavy duty pain meds, duing the day I only use half of what I need at night. They will soon be gone and I will have to do with some light pain meds. I hope that soon I will not need and pain meds at all. Enough for now. I will talk with all of you later. Have a great week.