Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Little Garden

Hello everyone, I told one of my followers (Vera), that I would post some photos of my little garden. It is being worked on right now, to get it to the planting stage. Last year my yard was re landscaped or regraded ( I didn’t think they did a good job). They also put in a tall fence. They planted grass on about half of my yard, I asked them to remove it last year as I don’t want to cut grass every week (re: buy a lawn mower for 2.5 to 3 meters of grass, no thanks). I kept all of my concrete sidewalk blocks so I had to put back 2 and a half rows of blocks in the last 2 weeks (my brother helped me). I still have a few edging blocks to install, but that won’t  take long. Next week I will get some organic fertilizer or compost, to get the garden up to growing standard. I will also ad some peat moss. My yard is very small, only about 12 x 15 feet. It will keep me busy. 

    my little garden 1

 my little garden 2

  my little garden 3

  Well now you know what my little garden looks like. The perennials are coming up and also some weeds that I need to remove. but otherwise the garden is starting to look like a garden, rather than a construction site. By for now.