Monday, April 9, 2012

More Photos from My Visit to Greenland Gardens

This time of year I go to the Garden centers for the display area. There are all kinds of little nooks and cranny’s that can give me a great photo. This year the display was not as elaborate as last year. The theme was a brand new landscape as would be installed in a new building site. To me it had to much grass, but that is only my opinion. I did get a fair amount of photos from this years visit, Tomorrow the display will be dismantled and then be sold off this coming weekend. I will have to go visit another Garden center and get some more photos. Here are a few photos for you to look at.

                        Easter display art copy

      Patio Display art copy

     Tropicals with Hostas copy 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Greenland Garden Centre

Hello my friends, today I thought that I had better go and get a few photos of the garden centre before they tear down the display on the 10th  of April. I had a great cup of coffee and a muffin and then I started to take photos of the display, I didn’t think it was as good as the display they had last year, but I still got some great photos. They had signs up to show they will have a big sale of the display plants, shrubs, and trees. So if anyone wants some great looking plants for a good price then go on the 14th &15th of April to have a look and buy. So have a look at some of my photos, enjoy.


               Gerbera Daisy art copy

    Hydrangia art copy

    Fountain and Hosta copy

                     More to come on another Post.