Saturday, February 15, 2014

It’s that time of Year

when My Amaryllis are starting to send out flower pods. I have about 6 plants that are going to bloom in the next week or two. I also want to take a trip to the green houses to see what is happening in the display areas of the Garden centers. Can’t wait till the snow is gone and I can get into the garden. I also think that I will be doing some camping this year as I now have a vehicle that I can sleep in. Will keep you informed as to how I am improving with my new hips, who knows I may be doing some dancing later this year. My old Dance partner is bugging me already, so she can dance with me. I guess I will have to get some practice and lessons going some I can remember how to move again (dance moves that is). I’ll put up some of my old Amaryllis photos here untill I get some new ones. I hope you enjoy. 

              Amarylis Watercolor Art copy

        closeup red Amaryllis uotdoors  The Opening of My Red Amaryllis2 copy