Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Garden photos

I took some more photos of my flowers and even my tomato plant today. I had 3 more strawberries and were they ever good. I have to keep and eye out everyday for those ripening strawberries, don’t want them to go bad now. Not to much to say these days, but I am very glad that my followers have not abandoned me. Here are some photos from my garden.

   Daylilly copy More strawberries copy

     my sunflower copy

                      Last but not least my Cherry Tomato’s

                         My Cherry Tomatos

                      Will have more for you in a few days.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I didn’t do much in the garden the last 3 days as we had a lot of much needed rain. The forecast says we will have a week of hot weather around 30 Celsius. The heat will do my tomato’s good but I will have to water every day. I think the Strawberries will love the hot weather as well. I picked my first Strawberry from my Everbearing  plants. This the largest Strawberry I have ever harvested. It is almost the size of an egg. I took a photo just so you can have a look. These Strawberries will produce until frost in late September. To bad I only have four plants. I actually have 5 strawberry plants but the one that had first given me 3 strawberries is not an Everbearing variety, so I don’t think it will produce any more this year. Here is the photo I took.

                        Strawberry Mmmmm 

                                          Strawberry Mmmmm 2