Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Photos from Last Spring

Hello everyone, I haven’t been posting much stuff lately. I am getting ready for a hip replacement. I have been doing things like cleaning my house, well, with a heck of a lot of help. My good friend Yvonne, has cleaned my very dirty kitchen, and did a very fantastic job of it. Also my nephews wife, Lori has cleaned all of my upstairs, awesome job of cleaning. I have cleaned a little of my living room, still a little bit to go. Most of my time has gone to running around and doing different appointments and then getting things like my hip kit, and a thingy to raise my toilet seat, also a kind of railing around my toilet. Then I also had to get crutches. a walker, 4 inch high cushions to raise my chair height. I won’t be able to use chairs with wheels on them. I also had to raise my bed. Now all I have to do is pay my bills, and then I am ready to go. Well enough chatter,  here is a few photos for you to look at.
              Little pinks 2 copy 
        Pink Lilac2 copy