Thursday, October 25, 2012

This for Arlene in the UK

Arlene has just given me an Award and I will display it here. Now I’m not sure what it is for, Arlene will have to elaborate. So thank you for this award, it is much appreciated. 


Now, Arlene is making a Halloween outfit for this function she is going to, and I told her to play the song to get in the mood before she goes to the dance. Arlene didn’t know what song I was talking about so I am posting this song for her to hear just for her and anyone that wants to listen.



                     Arlene I hope you like the song. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Big Surprise Today

Hello everyone, I got a big surprise today, I went into my flower room and had a good look at my Amaryllis plants that I propagated from seed. Low and behold I have my first flower pod from the seed babies, it was almost a shock. I took a photo for you to look at so you can’t say that I’m full of it. I am so thrilled, I wonder what color it will show us. Wow, I’m just so thrilled. So lets have a look.

       New pod

      So can you see the new flower pod? Well if you can’t I’ll give you a hint.

      It’s in the middle of the photo.

     So now I have another photo for you, my one and only Epiphyllum flower.

This was difficult to photograph as it is late in the day and not much light. The image was shot at a very slow shutter speed and hand held. Here it is.

                 Epephillum only one copy