Monday, January 28, 2013

Red Red Amaryllis

Hello everyone, well a few weeks ago I promised I would show you the blooms of the amaryllis that was about to bloom. This Amaryllis is a beautiful Red, it has 4 blossoms that are just beautiful. There is just one that has not opened yet, and I will photograph the flower again when it is completely open. I wonder if I will have any more Amaryllis blooming, Hark I have 7 more White Amaryllis shooting up flower pods, this will be something when they start to open. Maybe I can get Darlin to help me photograph them when they are ready. Oh Darlin, will you help me with these photos when they are ready? Let me know, Ok. Well here are some Amaryllis flowers I took photos of in the last 4 days.

          Red Red Amaryllis copy

                          Red Red 3

                                    I hope you like the photos.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

News today and a photo for those that requested more photos

Hello every one. Well, I have some good news for me, I will be getting surgery on my right hip (full hip replacement). For those of you that didn’t know I have Arthritis in my hips, I had the left hip fixed already and now am getting the right hip done. Hopefully when this hip is done I will be able to walk normally without pain in about a year or so. I will have to do lots of exercise and walking to get my muscles stronger after the surgery. So I was told that I was scheduled for April or May and that if there is a cancelation it could be as soon as next week. So first I have to go and get my teeth cleaned and then I am ready to  get the surgery. I am so happy that I don’t have to wait another 20 months for this hip surgery. I gather from the doctors response that this hip is totally worn out. Well enough of the hip talk, here is a photo that I took a while ago, either last summer or 2 summers ago. I love sunflowers and enjoyed taking a photo of the flower and the playing with the image in Photoshop CS3. I may even put up a couple of photo so here goes.

         Sunny Sunflower w Texture copy

         my sunflower copy 

              These Sunflower images were taken last summer in July.