Monday, December 2, 2013

Bad weather today

The weather is quite bad today so I figured I will stay in and show you what I had gotten a couple or three weeks ago. I was figuring out how to upgrade to a new camera and found I could get one for no cash money, but through Airmiles points. I was looking about 8 months ago at this camera but didn’t have enough points so I looked again one month ago and found that I had enough and went ahead and got it. I’ve been reading up on how it works and playing with it to use the video feature. I have taken a photo of it to let you see what it looks. Hope everyone is keeping warm. Once the storm is over I will take some photos with the new camera, then post them.


For those of you that want to know what model this is, it is a Canon T3 Camera. Wish I could afford the camera that Adrian has, but this was all I could afford and that will have to do. All my old lenses will work on this camera and that’s why I got it. Oh, I still have my Canon 10D and will keep it, it’s still a very good camera.