Monday, September 27, 2010

Gift from my Nephew

Hello blog friends, My nephew and his father, just got back from Europe yesterday, they were in Europe for 2 weeks. They did a whirl wind tour of Bavaria, Slovenia, and Austria. They had a great time and a lot of great photos to show for their trip. I was at my nephew's yesterday, we talked about his trip and got to see a good portion of his photos. they were awesome. My nephew was trying to stay up late, but was so tired he was falling asleep standing up. He brought me a present from his trip and we got a big laugh on what it said on it. I took a couple of photos so you could see what the present was and what it said.

The Bottom photo I blended myself as Photoshop merge had problems trying to match the rounded images, so if you see flaws don't be too hard on me. The cup says, in English,
Horst the Seducer.
My nephew didn't know what that meant all he was thinking about was that it had my name on it. They asked me last night what it meant, we had a great laugh when I told them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Visit to the Park

On Friday my friend Yvonne called to ask if I wanted to come with her and her grand son, to the park. I said yes, so off we went to Hawrylack Park. I took lots of photos. We spent around 3.5  hours there. The day was beautifull and semi warm, well the sun was warm but the wind was cold. It got up to 12 C. It was a beautifull day otherwise. There were tons of birds around the park, waiting for people like us to feed them. Geese, Ducks and Seagulls everywhere. I took a bunch of photos which you can see here and on WLS, also on Flickr.
Well, here are some photos.