Monday, July 28, 2014

My flowers in my little back yard

Hello everyone, I’m sure that you were wondering where I was all this time, well I was here. Between all the storms and the really hot weather we are having, I was working very slowly on my back yard. I have a few photos today for you to look at today.

   Gerbera Daisy   

   Gerbera Daisy copy

                            My Clematis

    My Ruhbarb

  I have a new Rhubarb plant that I planted in spring it has grown like crazy, I will harvest some of the stems for a pie in a few days ( Rhubarb & Cherry ).

My Clematis is doing very well, I believe it may be at least 25 years old or even older.

I also have another color of Gerbera Daisies but it is in between blooms right now.

All of my Amaryllis are outside this summer gaining some energy, But I really have to thin out the bunch, so if anyone in Edmonton wants a free Amaryllis plant then leave me a message  at     Only Edmonton and area residents need apply for free Amaryllis plants. If I can’t get ride of a lot of these plants by September, then they will go into my compost bin.