Wednesday, June 20, 2012

lots of Garden Photos

On June 19, yesterday I went to the x-ray Doctors office and got a x-ray guided shot of cortisone in my right hip. This was the first time to get one of these, so I didn’t know what to expect. I really hate needles but anything to help get rid of my hip pain. My Dr. said that the pain is sciatic nerve pain, so this is a test to see if that is what it is. Well they got my on the x-ray table and had me lay on my stomach, which I never do and was quite uncomfortable. So the doctor explained what he was going to do and started  the procedure. well the first needle was a pain killer and that was not to bad, the next needle was the dye they use and it was a little more painful, the last needle was inserted in 4 or 5 locations to find the right spot. Well, when they finally got the right spot it was quite painful then they injected the Cortisone, I felt the deepest pain I have ever felt before even though they had given me the pain killer injection. Thank goodness it didn’t last long. Today as I write this I still feel the hip pain, not that bad but it is still there. What I have noticed is that the knotted muscle near my kidney is  easing up, and I can walk a little better. The doctor said it will take a couple of days for the injection to take affect. So hopefully this will be a success. On a lighter note I am showing you a few more photos from my garden.

   Golden Pansys painting copy

   Peony copy

 My Blooming Peony Pink Strawberry flowers copy

              Pinks copy

                      My Red Amaeyllis

My Red Amaryllis has not bloomed yet this year, so I hope they bloom this summer, or maybe this Christmas.

Friday, June 15, 2012

More Garden Photos

Hello everyone, as I promised I have some more photos to show you from my garden, I also had another strawberry from my garden today it tasted great. One of my strawberry plants has a pink flower, I have never seen that before, so I took a photo of it just so you can’t call me a liar. We have had a week of sun and rain off and on. Will be a few more days like this next week. The plants are growing like crazy. I have been fertilizing. Here are some photos for you to look at.

    Blooms to come Peony painting

    My 5 point star painting copy

    MMM Straberries Painting copy

    Pink Strawberry flower copy

    My Red Daisies Painting copy

    Another Daisy Painting copy

                   That’s it for now, hope you enjoy the photos.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some flowers in my Garden

Hi again, It’s summer so I don’t have as much time to post that much. Was sitting in the garden and thought I would post some photos today. I had my first Strawberries from my garden today, and did they ever taste good. I noticed that one of my strawberry plants is showing a pink flower, it is not open yet so am not sure if that is what they look like before they open and then turn white when fully open. I took some photos of this and that so will show you some now and some in a few days.

                             Gerbera Daisy in my Garden copy

                  Golden Pansy copy

            My Marigolds painting copy

              That’s it for now, I will post some more in a few days or so. Till then.