Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Photos of a Beautiful Plant

As I was in the garden today I was thinking that I should get some photos, well I decided to take some photos of the Pansy, one of my favorite plants. I tried to start them from seed but no luck, so I saw some at the garden center and I had to have at least one. I chose a great color, so here are some photos that I took. You may like them or you may not like them. Let me know either way. Two Pansy copy

Pansy on White copy

PansyBlue Art copy

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mountain Bike

I went riding on my mountain bike today. I really didn’t know how stiff I was until I tried to get on my Bike, wow, what an eye opener. I got on my bike and what did I do, well I almost fell on my face, lucky I landed on some nice soft grass. I scraped my shin a bit but it will heal. I finally got riding and went for about 20 city blocks. The wind was fairly strong, and I had to adjust my saddle a little to use the bike more efficiently. Well about half way out I thought I better get back before I run out of energy. It got harder to pedal as I was going against the wind, so I shifted down and was able to get back with no problem. Well I wasn’t really gone for long, so when I got back and put the bike away, I went into my garden to relax in the sun a bit. The sun was so nice I sat there for a good 1/2 hour. Then the birds were getting a little angry at me for interfering in getting at their feeders. So I looked around my little garden and saw a few of my plants were blooming. Now my brain starting wiring and clicking, and I thought, yes I should take a few photos of these beautiful blooms, but how do I do this, hmmm. So I went into the house and looked for my skinny vase, and there it was. I hurried into the garden and cut the 3 blooms that were blooming, put them in the vase and hurried back into the house. Then I thought, hmmm, how do I set this up, hmmm. I know I will do a still life. similar to how I took the still life of the Big Camera that I have. Then I took several different angles and came up with the photos I am about to show you.  I hope you like them.


    First flowers 2012 still life copyStill life flowers copy

     Horsts first flowers in his Garden

                First flowers copy   

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Greenland Gardens

Hi everyone, not much to say today, just wanted to show you the rest of my visit to the Garden Center. So here are the rest of the photos.

     Fountain in Gray copy Hosta blooms copy

    Hydrangia in pink copy

                    Vert garden Hosta copy