Saturday, October 15, 2011

OLD Photos

I went through some old photos that I have not seen in many years. This was from a trip to the foothills  on the trunk road near Rocky Mountain House. The actual place is close to the Ram River Falls. This is a rugged and beautiful place to visit in the summer. I would not want to be anywhere near this place in the winter. I have quit a few photos of this place but only have one to show you today. I have put a painterly affect on this photo. This photo is scanned from a negative, so the color was not that great in natural form. So here is the photo, I hope you like it.


      Ram river painting copy


  1. You have got this off to a fine art. Very nice.

  2. I love this picture so much. I like how you smoothed the wild waters of a mountain river. The colors are so great. They created the atmosphere of a very special secluded place.

    This is a very artistic and beautiful picture.

    Have a nice and relaxing Sunday, Horst!!!

  3. Really great! Definitely a work of art.

  4. Horst, a beautiful picture that I still hung on the wall. Editing is great. It seems plausible as oil painting. I wish you good health. / Peter

  5. Happy New Year Horst...
    Hugs & Kisses


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