Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Repotting my baby Amaryllis

About a month ago someone asked how my Amaryllis babies were doing. I just repotted 10 plants from 2 pots. It was difficult to get them out of the pot as they were pressed so tight in them. These were not quite as big as the ones I did a few months ago, before I had my hip surgery. Two of the bulbs were bigger so I had to put them in a bigger pot. I took a few photos for you to see. I also took some cuttings of my Pink Geranium, 6 cuttings. It was time to get the cuttings as the temp outside is getting very cold, 2 nights ago we had a killer frost.  I got photos of them as well. Does anyone around Edmonton want an Amaryllis or 2?


      free of small pot

                 repotted amaryllis

                               Here are the Geranium cuttings.

             My Geranium cutings

                     It will take about a month or so for the roots to grow.  


  1. I will love see the photos when these bloom.

  2. You sure have a green thumb. You make it all sound so easy. I can't wait to see them bloom.

  3. Toodie, For me it is easy, you really just have to be interested, talk to other gardeners and look at different internet sites, and not be afraid to make mistakes, sometime the mistakes send you in the right direction.

    Beth, it will take a while for the Amaryllis to bloom, about 3 to 5 years. When they do bloom I will definitely take photos to show everyone.

  4. Oh Lovely two of my favourite Bloomes here Horst , Too far away oh well never mind. They will be wonderful. Sheila

  5. Also, I do cuttings of geraniums for the winter. Survive in the water until spring. Not all are lucky enough to survive the winter. We also have night frosts. Amaryllis grown my father. Hello to Edmontnu. / Peter

  6. A lovely pastime..
    I fill my mothers conservatory with geraniums every winter to save them from the frost but have had to add heating for the last couple of winters...temps down to -18 when our norm is about -4.

  7. Hey Peter, I only leave the Geraniums in the water until they start to get roots. then I transplant them. I may also take a couple of them and dip them in root powder and plant them directly into a pot.

    Andrew, I didn't know that the temps in the UK could get down that low. Brrrr. Here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, it can get down to -40. I've seen that temp too many times. That's when the moisture in the air turns to ice crystals.

  8. Thanks for giving us an update Horst. I was actually thinking about those plants a couple weeks ago. I will be moving my geraniums into the greenhouse soon as expect hard frosts are coming. I wintered them right in the pots last winter in the greenhouse. Will try again this year. Years ago when I friend kept them for the winter I had a couple plants that were over 4 years old and huge. Good luck on you new starts.


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