Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Crazy Weather

Well, now our weather has changed and we got some rain this morning. Thank goodness we are having a warm spell, so our streets are not so bad right now, but wait till tonight. There will be a lot of accidents, hope the sanders will be out tonight, I won’t be going anywhere tonight. No photos of our weather today so I have put together a Valentines image for you. I am seeing windows with Valentine stickers showing up everywhere, I imagine the kids are getting all excited about Valentines day.


BM Valentine copy


  1. I am longing for a warm sunny day to melt off all of the snow and ice.
    The valentine is lovely!

  2. Me too. We have had a few roof colapses in and around Edmonton, thank goodness there were no fatalities. I can't wait for all this snow to melt. Oh, Beth, I have good news, I finally have an inkling as to when I will get my new hip, between July and September.

  3. Horst, thanks for your visit ... you are still my favourite King of Photography ... your Valetine looks yummy ... makes me think of chocolate. Love, cat.

  4. Hi Horst..excellent news about knowing when you'll have the hip replacement. At long last. I can hardly wait for you to get some relief.

    Yes, I will be your Valentine..thanks for asking. ♥

  5. There's been so much crazy weather all over this year. It can get back to normal any time now.

    Here's the link to the bran muffins I made. It takes a little time, but they were well worth it.

    Now I'm going over to check out your new Netlog profile.

  6. Horst, I tried to add you as a friend at NETLOG and it says you blacklisted me! You didn't do that did you? I can't comment or do anything now. :(

  7. What, black listed, no way. Don't even know how to do that. I will go and see what happened.

  8. Hey, you don't look that old! Maybe you just feel old. Hopefully once you get your hip replacement you will feel much better. :) At least now you have an inkling of when you will have it done.
    Love the valentines. Happy valentines to you also Horst.
    Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Nice to see you. :)
    Take care and have a nice evening.
    Dianne :)

  9. I loved that comment you made about laundry,. If you lived near..and were nice..I just might occasionally. ☼

  10. Hey Carole, I was just being funny. I wouldn't ask you to do my laundry, but thanks for the thought.

  11. Hi Horst, just popping in here.. wasn't it easier when everything was just in one place! but having 2 blogging places is kinda cool, I use each one for different things, WP for personal thoughts and blogger for what would have been wls. Hope your sunday is a good one. and a happy valentines day to you and yours.

  12. Good, good news about your hip replacement, you will feel reborn, I remember when my sister in law had hers, many years ago, she could not get over the difference, she was born with a damaged leg and as she got older it got worse with the pain transferring to her back through a lop sided gait. so Lovely news, I am pleased.
    Lovely valentines card, many thanks.
    Our weather is improving too thankfully, any blips will be short lived I'm sure.


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