Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looked out my Kitchen window

and what did I see, well it was a beautiful scene. The sun lit up the scene and it almost glowed a kind of creamy gold and green. So I just had to take a photo to show my friends on my blog. So I won’t keep you in suspense, here is the photo of the scene I saw.

           Holly Hocks copy


  1. Soft and lovely. I can feel the warmth of that morning sun :)

  2. What A BEAUTIFUL Flower Horst it looks similar to my Chinese Rose , mine being red. Lovely little cluster you have indeed green fingers.
    Best Wishes

  3. So beautiful Horst. What a lovely sight to see when you look out your window.

  4. Malva Real, una flor bellisima que me recuerda mi niñez.
    Un abrazo

  5. And what you saw and create are so beautiful, Host. Love this photograph very, very much.

    I wish you a nice weekend.

  6. Good thing you looked out your window and also a good thing you saw the picture you wanted.

  7. A GLOWING beauty! What a wonderful thing to find moments like these just outside the window!

  8. Fantastic shot Horst. Your talent and eye for beauty have combined to create stunning beauty in this one.

  9. Beautiful flowers mallow. Nice photo. When I was a kid, these tall plants near neighbor to me like a blooming forest. Yes there was a lot of plants in the garden. Regards Peter.

  10. Wow thats really wonderful! Such a beautiful flower :)

  11. A most lovely sight! The warm lighting is especially beautiful. I bet you gaze out your window often with pretty sights like that. Fine work, as always!

  12. A lovely sight to greet you. I scrolled back to admire all of your garden flowers. Here's hoping the frost will stay away for a while longer and the beauties in our gardens can continue to delight us.

  13. Beautiful. So glad you looked out the window. Love the colors.

  14. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

    Vine a visitar tu blog... y a dejarte una sonrisa.

    B E S O S
    K I S S
    P E T O N E T S


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