Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chick a Dee Art

Well I have been at it again, more fiddlin around with photos in photoshop.

I took a neet shot of a Chick a Dee and didled around, and got it to look not to bad, as an Art piece. You have seen this photo on one or more of my other blogs, I thought I would give this blog a chance to see this Images, I hope you like it.


       Chick a Dee Watercolor copy


  1. I don't remember this shot but it looks fantastic as an art piece.

  2. Clever stuff Horst, you've really done it proud, though it was a good shot originally too.
    Thank you for comment on Ruby and making her welcome.

  3. Wow, don't know what else to say, Horst...this is true art...any bird lover will agree with me...thanks so much for sharing your gift...Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year...Love, cat.

  4. This is really nice Horst. Lots of extra work. So much can be done with the photos.


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