Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bird Feeders at Hawrelak Park

I would love to take some photos of birds, I have a bird feeder in my back yard but as soon as I come outside these birds fly away. I here that there are Bird feeders at Hawrelak park, but have no idea where they are. I have a real problem walking, so if anyone knows where the feeders are at Hawrelak park please let me know. The park is very big and a really nice place to visit the wildlife. I have gotten some very nice shots by chance, but the small birds are a real challenge. I will even bring some bird seeds with me.
    The big search copy
I would love to photograph so of the smaller birds that visit the park, like chic-a-dee’s or Nuthatch  or what ever else I can photograph.
                 So if anyone knows where the feeders are in the park please let me know.


  1. Love that Magpie Horst. Really caught the colours in his feathers.

    Hope someone can let you know where the feeders are.

  2. I love Magpie's beauty. They are sharp as a pin point too.

    For you home..I suggest IF possible, using your home as a blind. I have the screen moved up and put of the way in the spare bedroom with a straight shot at the feeder. there are plenty of birdies there, and they aren't spooked by me since I am in the house.

    Also, I notice my Goldfinches allow me within 2 feet of them outside when they are eating. They know me. Also..think about putting a lawn chair out near..maybe 15 feet or so, your feeder and stay maybe 15 min. with your camera. Do that when you can and they'll get used to you. You may even get a shot while you're waiting for them to remember you and not be afraid.

  3. Thanks Keith.

    Carole, my yard is very small, my feeders are about 6 feet from the house. My kitchen table is in the way of the window, so I will have to move the table to get near the window. I should give it a try, move the feeder and the table. I'll let you know how things work out. I have attracted lots of sparrows that clean out the feeders in one day

  4. Horst, when you go in the park drive past the pond which will be on your left until you see the first picnic pavillion on the right. The feeders are just beyond that spot on the LEFT of the road. You will see the main one from the road as it is right on the edge of the woods there. Lots of parking spots right there too so you won't have to walk far. You can even take a lawn chair if you'd like and plant yourself almost right at the feeder. I'm not sure how soon in the season they start putting the feed out. It's done by volunteers but they seem to be quite good at keeping the feed on hand. Happy shooting!

  5. Can't help with the feeders Horst, but the photos are beautiful. I see magpies a lot near my home but I've never noticed the hidden shades when the light catches their wings till now :)

  6. Makes you realize how fortunate Rocket man [Chip] is by the number of birds he manages to shoot. The magpie is very handsome, but such wicked birds. That's life though. Hope you get to your park and the shots you want, it looks like your friend Barb has pointed you in the right direction.

  7. Yes she has Arlene, and I think I know exactly where the feeders are now. As soon as I get a chance I will go and see if I can find some birds. I will also try to photograph some birds at home.

    Hey Barb, thank you for the great directions.

  8. We'll look forward to some nice pictures then Horst, happy shooting.

  9. I have my feeder right outside my windows so I just set my tripod up inside and make sure I have clean windows. Otherwise with my little camera I can't get close enough either. Hope you find that feeder in the park..

  10. I'm getting my kitchen ready so that I can get photos of the birdies at my feeder.

  11. Don't ever stop your photograhie, Horst...it is so good for the soul...Thank you...again and again....cat.


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