Monday, October 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Country Drive

Hello everyone, I am a little late in posting but as we all say, it is better late than never. On Thanksgiving Day, my friend Russ and I took a long drive in the country. We drove from Edmonton, south to Pigeon Lake. Our first stop was the town of Mulhurst, we first drove down main street which runs along the beach. The first stop was to view the lake and it was a beautifull day but the wind was a little chilly. We took a whole mess of photos of some of the buildings and the lake. There were a couple of Seadoo's on the lake, great to photograph.

        These are some of the old buildings on main street.
Here is a shot along the beach, a fair amount of activity
     for this time of year.
Then we drove to the south east end of Pigeon Lake            
and near MaMeO Beach I saw these cattle and just had to take thier photo. We stopped at MaMeO but didn't stay. There was not much to see, and to far to walk to the beach. MaMeO did not change much since I was there last about 30 years ago. We then decided to go back to Edmonton to have lunch, but rather than eat in Edmonton, we stopped in Leduc to have lunch there. We found a nice place to have lunch at a place called Kosmos in Leduc, and asked if they had Turkey diner, and yes they did, we ordered and wow was it a large dinner with Pumpkin pie included for $12.50, and was it ever a big meal. Both Russ and I were very full when we finnished it, actually we were stuffed. Ha ha, pun intended. On our way back to Edmonton we saw a lot of farmers harvesting thier fields, I just had to take a few photos, I took them through the car windows.

Well, that was our trip, it was very nice to get out of the city for a few hours.


  1. It sounds like a very enjoyable trip Horst. The meal sounds great, I love turkey and stuffing. Your photos are all great.

  2. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving Horst. 30 years is awhile and nice you got to visit. The lunch sounded tasty and a good price too. Stuffed you say, lol! Have a good week my friend. Nice photos.

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving Day Horst. Back in Spaces days, I always had a greeting to my Canadian friends. Now..dang..I just haven't got it going on agaon as yet..but I will.

    You live in a pretty area, I must say.

  4. Hi Carole, Alberta is a hugh place compared to your state, and I have not seen all of it yet. I have lived here almost all of my life. Yes, it is beautifull, but I'm sure where you live is just as beautifull. We tend not to view the place that we live, as, as beautifull as other places, mainly because we see it all the time.

  5. Pumpkin Pie?!! Share with Wolfie!! Slurrrrrp ;) The photo of the Lake is amazing...the way you've captured the light reflecting off sure it's not the sea tho! Could easily be so :) Your photos show just what a lovely part of the world you are lucky enough to inhabit...very kind of you to take us all with you on this most enjoyable trip, so different to my part of the world...and I did enjoy our walk down the main street...seeing those old buildings was like stepping into another world for Wolfie!

  6. Horst as always I love when you go for a drive. The scenes so are about the harvest time and enjoying the outdoors which you still can do. Hugs Carrie

  7. Hi Carrie, I wish I could make it out of the house more often, I just can't afford it right now. When I lived on the farm many years ago, I loved harvest time, it was hard work, but I enjoyed it very much.

  8. Lovely country (and nice pics). As a former farmboy myself, I still love to see working farms. I love the Main Street buildings, also - Alas, my farm town is now that faux rural mess that suburbanites bring along with much-raised taxes to pay for all the twee 'rural' touches. This looks like the real deal.

  9. I do love the country and the country life, but all the small family farms are being sold to large corporations that just slowly distroy the land. They put nothing back into the soil but chemicals. Once the soil has been drained of life the land will be abandoned and nothing will grow on it. Small farms could exist forever as long as the farmer puts life back into the soil by composting and putting manuer back onto the fields. I realy enjoyed working the fields when I was young on the farm. We just could not make a good living on a quarter section.


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