Monday, July 26, 2010

More Photo's from My Little Garden

I went outside to my little garden and low and behold, my Holly Hocks have started to bloom, I have tree colors, Wine, Cream, and Rosey color. How neet. I had to go and take a few photos for all of you to see. So here they are.

Cream Holly Hock

Rosey Holly Hock

Wine Holly Hock

I took another photo of my Lupin, thought I would show you.


  1. Horst, that is truly beautiful. One of the best (to me) that I have seen you post.

  2. Looks like you have a beautiful garden Horst.
    And I love the processing on these.

  3. I Love your garden.

  4. Wonderful flowers. I really like the Rosy Hollyhock.

  5. I think the Rosey Holly Hock is a cross between the Cream and the Wine clor Holly Hock.

  6. You can click on the Images to get a larger view.

  7. hi Horst, its nice seeing you here.. lovely captures of the hollyhocks..


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